COST OF GLIVEC - Generic Imatinib

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Patients that are on Glivec.

The cost will be reduced when the patents expire in about 2015 and generics appear.

(Australia - I am not aware of generic Imatinib and the issue here in Aust.)

However this is what I have heard from a reliable source:

"South Africa is going to be the first country to loose exclusivity on Imatinib as the generic gets launched next year.

This could dramatically reduce the price of Imatinib globally and also of the 2nd generation TKI’s."

I think that is great news - less costly treatment options for Countries and patients that do not have our Medicare PBS and subsidised medications. No where else in the World if you are pensioner can you get these TKIs for $5.80 and for others $35.80

We are truly very very fortunate.

There are issues with generic TKIs and when I was in Amsterdam - a workshop on this issue. I had posted previously on the issue from my notes given - Lost on changeover to new format. I will try and find notes again and post

What are your views ? or/and knowledge

Keep Well, Cheers Sue
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